Cirkul Blue Raspberry – A Refreshing and Flavorful Water Bottle Experience

Cirkul is a relatively new company in the flavored water bottle space. They were founded in 2016 with a mission to provide healthy and delicious beverages while reducing plastic waste.

Cirkul Blue Raspberry - A Refreshing and Flavorful Water Bottle Experience
Cirkul Blue Raspberry

Introducing Blue Raspberry

One of Cirkul’s newest flavor releases is the Blue Raspberry cartridge. Here’s an overview of this refreshing flavor:

  • The Blue Raspberry flavor has quickly become one of Cirkul’s most popular. It provides a sweet and tangy berry-flavored drinking experience.
  • The flavor profile is inspired by classic gum and candy flavors, providing nostalgia for many customers.
  • The formula includes natural blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon flavors. It usesresponsible and transparent chemicals in its flavoring process.
  • Like all Cirkul flavors, Blue Raspberry contains no calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. It simply provides a burst of natural fruit flavor.
  • Blue Raspberry launched in 2021 as a limited release but was so well-received that Cirkul added it to its permanent collection.
  • It’s ideal on its own over ice for a flavorful treat or can be mixed into cocktails, mocktails, or sparkling water for some extra zing.

Benefits of Cirkul Blue Raspberry

The Blue Raspberry flavor provides all the same benefits as other Cirkul water bottles with a few added perks:

Convenient Customization

  • The cartridge system makes it easy to switch up flavors whenever you want. Carry Blue Raspberry one day and Strawberry Kiwi the next.

All Day Hydration

  • Having a flavored bottle on hand encourages more consistent and longer lasting hydration. The taste makes you want to sip all day long.


  • Slim, bottle designs and optional carrying cases allow Blue Raspberry to go wherever your day takes you.

boldEndlessly Refreshingbold**

  • Blue Raspberry provides a thirst-quenching taste that feels indulgent without being overloaded with sweetness or calories.

Sugar-Free Sipping

  • The flavor comes from natural sources only, meaning zero grams of sugar compared to soda or juice.

Responsible Ingredients

  • Cirkul committed to using only FDA approved food dyes and flavorings in transparent doses.


  • Each cartridge lasts approximately 2 months. With Blue Raspberry, you can flavor hundreds of refills for only a few dollars.

Taste Profile of Cirkul Blue Raspberry

Cirkul’s Blue Raspberry is true to its name – this flavor cartridge captures the sweet, distinctive taste of blue raspberry candy. As soon as you take a sip, you’ll notice tart and tangy blue raspberry flavor with nice berry aromatics. It’s sweet but not overpowering, with the right balance of flavor and carbonation.

The blue raspberry taste has crisp, candy-like notes of raspberry, blueberry, cherry, and lemon. There’s a refreshing zing to each sip. It’s smooth and easy to drink but with more flavor complexity than water alone. The blue raspberry infusion adds a burst of summery flavor reminiscent of blue raspberry slushies, freezes, and Italian ice.

Pros and Cons of Cirkul Blue Raspberry

✅ Provides bold fruity flavor without artificial additives❌ Upfront cost is higher than disposable bottles
✅ Allows on-the-go flavor customization❌ Cartridges must be replaced regularly
✅ Sleek, portable bottle designs
✅ Encourages consistent hydration
✅ Sugar-free and calorie-free
✅ Pairs well with other flavors for experimenting
✅ Transparent about responsible ingredients
✅ Easy to use and clean

How to Use Cirkul Blue Raspberry

One of the best aspects of Cirkul is how quick and easy it is to start enjoying Blue Raspberry:

1. Select Your Bottle – Choose from a slim portable bottle, larger capacity bottle, or bundle deal. The cartridges work across the entire Cirkul bottle range.

2. Insert Cartridge – Pop open your Cirkul bottle and insert the Blue Raspberry cartridge into the designated chamber. Apply a firm push to get a snug fit.

3. Fill With Water – Hold your Cirkul bottle under the faucet or water dispenser and fill with fresh water. The bottle will need filled about midway to work properly.

4. Drink Up! – Put on the lid, let the flavors infuse for a few minutes, and then start sipping your Blue Raspberry water! Add ice as desired.

5. Switch It Up – When you want a flavor change, simply remove the old cartridge and replace it with a new one of your choosing. Rinse in between.

6. Rinse Regularly – Give your Cirkul bottle an occasional rinse with soap and water to keep it fresh.

It’s really that simple to get refreshing Blue Raspberry flavor anywhere life takes you!

Potential Drawbacks

The Blue Raspberry flavor has many advantages, but there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Has a candy-like taste that some may find too sweet or overwhelming for all-day hydration needs.
  • Cartridges eventually run out and need replacement, though they last for many refills.
  • Upfront cost of purchasing Cirkul starter set and cartridges. Cost per drink may be higher than tap water or generic brands.
  • Taste and intensity may vary slightly depending on your water source and carbonation level.
  • Cartridges are not compatible with other brands of water bottles due to Cirkul’s unique design.

Comparable Flavors and Brands

Cirkul offers a unique system, but some comparable flavor and brand options include:

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer Drops in Blue Raspberry Rush – provides bold blue raspberry flavor but requires using drops.

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer in Blue Raspberry – similar liquid drops format with candy-like blue raspberry taste.

Propel Powder Packets in Blue Raspberry – powered stick format gives flavor and nutrients without sugar.

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon Packets – could mix with berry flavor to achieve a DIY blue raspberry taste.

La Croix Sparkling Water in Razz-Cranberry – offers light berry and citrus flavors though not a precise blue raspberry match.

When comparing Cirkul against other brands, Cirkul stands out for its easy twist-in cartridges and lack of artificial ingredients. But alternatives like portable powder packets or enhancer drops can also add light flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cirkul Blue Raspberry

Does Blue Raspberry have any caffeine or sweeteners?

Nope! The Blue Raspberry flavor is made from natural fruit extracts only and contains no added caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other additives.

How long does each Blue Raspberry cartridge last?

Each cartridge will last approximately 60-70 fills (2 months for most people). Order extras so you always have backups ready!

Can I mix Blue Raspberry with other flavors?

Absolutely! Get creative and combine cartridges or mix with plain water to create your own perfect flavors. Blue Raspberry pairs especially well with lemon, strawberry, and peach!

Is Blue Raspberry safe for children to drink?

Yes, the all-natural formula makes it safe for kids! Always supervise young children while drinking to prevent choking hazards. The fun colors and flavors make Circule great for encouraging kids to hydrate.

Where can I buy Blue Raspberry and other Cirkul products?

You can shop directly on the Cirkul website and find major retailers like Target and Amazon also carry selection from the Cirkul line.


For anyone looking to upgrade their water drinking experience with some fruit-powered flavor, Cirkul’s Blue Raspberry is a tantalizing option. The mix of sweet and tart berry flavors comes through in every sip. Convenience, customization, and portability make this bottle one you’ll want to keep within arm’s reach.

Responsible ingredients and sleek designs are the cherry on top. Just remember to rinse and replace cartridges regularly and your Cirkul Blue Raspberry can keep you refreshed all year long. Switch up flavors or stick with the classic Blue Raspberry – either way, Cirkul provides a flavor journey in every bottle.

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