Great Value Bottle Water – Cheap Prices, Decent Quality

Bottled water has become an incredibly popular beverage choice for many consumers. With so many bottled waters available, it can be difficult to choose the ones with the best quality and value.

Great Value bottled water, sold exclusively at Walmart, is one brand that consistently ranks highly in both of these categories. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why Great Value bottled water is such a great option if you’re looking for an affordable bottled water with reliable purity and taste.

Great Value Bottle Water - Cheap Prices, Decent Quality
Great Value Bottle Water – Cheap Prices, Decent Quality

What is Great Value Bottle Water?

Great Value Bottle Water is a brand of bottled water sold by Walmart. It is a popular choice for consumers due to its low price and wide availability. Great Value Bottle Water comes in many sizes and packaging, from single-serve bottles to multipacks and jugs.

Pros and Cons of Great Value Bottle Water

AffordablePlastic bottle waste
Widely availableMay contain impurities occasionally
Variety of sizes and formats
Meets all US standards for drinking water quality
Pros and Cons of Great Value Bottle Water

Facts and Figures About Great Value Bottle Water

The Many Options of Great Value Bottled Water

Great Value offers bottled water in a range of convenient sizes and bottle types:

  • 24 pack of 16.9oz bottles: The standard single-serve size, perfect for on-the-go hydration.
  • 12 pack of 1 liter bottles: A good middle-ground for family or office use.
  • 6 pack of 1.5 liter bottles: Ideal for big gatherings, sharing, and minimizing plastic usage.
  • 4 pack of 3 liter bottles: For high volume usage and minimal bottle waste.
  • 12 pack of 12oz cans: Portable, quick-chugging cans for activities and sports.

Within these offerings there are both purified and spring water varieties. The purified water has undergone the full 12-step process to remove impurities. The spring water is sourced from protected springs and bottled directly with minimal processing, retaining a higher mineral content. Both offer quality and purity at a fraction of the price of big name brands.

Reasons to Choose Great Value Bottled Water

Here are some of the key benefits that make Great Value a smart choice for many bottled water drinkers:

Affordable Pricing

This is the prime advantage of Great Value water. The 24 pack of 16.9oz bottles typically costs just a few dollars. Even the larger bottles and packs are very reasonably priced compared to other brands. For families, offices, events, or anyone that goes through a lot of bottled water, the savings add up quickly.

Reliable Purity

While inexpensive, Great Value water doesn’t skimp on safety processes. Advanced purification methods ensure the water meets FDA bottled water standards and is free of microbiological, inorganic, and radiological contaminants.

Wide Availability

Since Great Value products are exclusive to Walmart stores, the bottled water options are available at thousands of Walmart locations across the U.S.

Variety of Bottle Sizes & Types

Offering a variety of bottle sizes, from 12-ounce cans to 3-liter jugs, makes this product versatile enough for any occasion. The purified and spring water varieties add options for tailored mineral content.


Great Value aims for environmental responsibility by using recycled plastic in their bottles and participating in recycling programs. Using larger bottle sizes helps reduce waste, compared to buying many smaller, single-use bottles.

Consistent Taste

Customers report the Great Value water has a crisp, clean taste without any unpleasant chemical aftertaste. The multi-step purifying process removes contaminants while preserving essential minerals that improve flavor.

Great Value Bottled Water Compared to Other Brands

Great Value Bottle Water - Cheap Prices, Decent Quality
Great Value Bottled Water Compared to Other Brands

Easy way to understand the comparision of all brands:

BrandPrice (24 pk of 16.9 oz)TasteSource Disclosed?
Great Value$3DecentNo
Nestle Pure Life$7Very GoodYes
Great Value Bottled Water Compared to Other Brands

How does Great Value bottled water compare to other popular brands? Here is an overview of how it compares on key factors:

Vs. Dasani – Dasani is another affordable purified bottled water that is widely available. It is similarly priced to Great Value, but Great Value offers a wider variety of bottle sizes and packs to choose from. Many users also prefer the taste of Great Value water over Dasani.

Aquafina vs. Dasani – As a lower-cost purified water option, Pepsi’s Aquafina competes directly with Dasani.But again, Great Value wins out with even more budget-friendly pricing in bulk formats and favorable taste reviews. Both brands are considered to be of equal quality.

Vs. Poland Spring – One step up in prestige, Poland Spring offers natural spring water sourced from Maine that tends to cost 25-50% more than Great Value. But for many budget-minded consumers, Great Value provides virtually the same purity and taste at a lower price point.

Vs. Fiji – As an luxury import, Fiji water commands a premium price that can be 5-10X higher than Great Value water. While some love the silky smooth mouthfeel of Fiji water, in blind taste tests many consumers have a hard time differentiating between the two.

vs. shop brands – The only bottles that are regularly lower than Great Value are generic store brand waters at grocery chains. However, Great Value still stands ahead in aspects like selection, sourcing, purification methods, and overall quality control. The little bit of extra cost is worthwhile for most shoppers.

Getting the Most from Great Value Water

Here are some tips to make the most of choosing Great Value purified or spring water:

☑️ Take advantage of bulk pricing on larger bottles or multi-packs to maximize savings for households or offices.

☑️ Mix and match bottle types to suit a range of applications – smaller bottles for lunches and bags, larger bottles for sharing at gatherings.

☑️ Recycle empty bottles to reduce plastic waste. Great Value bottles are labelled #1 PET and widely accepted in curbside recycling programs.

☑️ Store unopened bottles properly to preserve freshness. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat, or freezing temperatures for optimal taste.

☑️ Use filtered or spring water varieties for cooking and baking needs to avoid tap water impurities affecting food flavor.

☑️ Stay hydrated! Having an ample supply of Great Value water on hand makes it easy to meet the recommended daily water intake.

FAQs About Great Value Bottled Water

Is Great Value bottled water really purified and tested?

Yes, Great Value utilizes a 12-step proprietary purification process including reverse osmosis, ozonation, and carbon filtration that exceeds FDA standards for purity. All water is rigorously tested for contaminants.

What is the pH level of Great Value water?

The pH of the purified water is typically in the range of 5.5 to 7, close to neutral. The alkaline pH of the spring water varies but is usually around pH 8.

Where does Great Value get their water from?

The source varies but is always protected municipal water supplies or natural springs. The water undergoes purification or minimal processing depending on the variety.

Is Great Value bottled water safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, the purification process removes any harmful bacteria or contaminants, making it safe for pregnant women. As always, consult your physician about your specific dietary needs.

Does Great Value water taste as good as premium brands?

In blind taste tests, most consumers find little taste difference between Great Value water and far more expensive brands like Fiji or Evian. The crisp, clean taste satisfies most palates.

What minerals are in Great Value spring water?

As natural spring water, it contains beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium in varying levels depending on the source. The levels are low enough to avoid imparting much flavor.

Is bottled water from Walmart safe?

Yes, Great Value bottled water adheres to FDA quality regulations and their advanced purification process ensures the finished water is free of contaminants and safe to drink. Reputable testing backs up their quality claims.

Final Thoughts on Great Value Bottled Water

When all factors of quality, purity, selection, availability, sustainability, and affordability are considered together, Great Value clearly stands out as a leading bottled water brand. Walmart’s focus on consumer value shines through in their purified and spring bottled water offerings.

Discerning water drinkers looking to save money without sacrificing quality should absolutely feel confident relying on Great Value purified or spring water. Stock up on your preferred bottle size or variety pack the next time you visit

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