Is Cirkul Good For Diabetics? Complete Guide

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that alters the way your body converts food into glucose. With diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t effectively use the insulin it produces (1). Insulin is a hormone required to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy.

Diabetes management necessitates careful consideration of one’s food and lifestyle. This includes being mindful of sugars and carbohydrates in your diet.

Is Cirkul Good For Diabetics?
Is Cirkul Good For Diabetics?

Is Cirkul Good for Diabetics?

For people with diabetes, Cirkul can be a good drink option for several reasons:

1. Sugar-Free

The biggest benefit of Cirkul for diabetics is that it’s sugar-free. The flavor cartridges use artificial sweeteners like sucralose to create sweetness without any sugar. This makes it a smart alternative to high-sugar drinks like soda, juice, and sweetened teas. Consuming too much sugar can cause blood glucose levels to spike to an unhealthy level (3).

By using Cirkul’s sugar-free flavors, people with diabetes can enjoy flavorful drinks without worrying about sugars wreaking havoc on their blood glucose control.

2. Added Nutrients

Some of Cirkul’s flavor cartridge options contain added vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. Getting adequate nutrients is important for overall health, and people with diabetes often have increased nutrient needs.

For example, the electrolyte cartridges can help replace minerals lost through frequent urination, a common symptom of diabetes. Options like B12 and vitamin C cartridges give an extra nutrient boost.

3. Portion Control

When you’re thirsty, it’s easy to guzzle down a huge glass of juice or soda without thinking about portions. But for diabetes management, being mindful of portion sizes is key.

With Cirkul, the cartridge system allows for built-in portion control. You simply add the desired number of flavor drops into your bottle. This makes it easier to avoid overdoing it on drink portions and their resulting calories or carbohydrates.

4. Hydration

Staying hydrated is vital for everyone, but especially critical for diabetics. Even mild dehydration can increase blood sugar levels in people with diabetes (4).

Cirkul makes it easy to sip water throughout the day by providing an array of flavors to make water tastier. This can help lead to better overall hydration. The customizable options allow people with diabetes to tailor flavors to their preferences.

5. Variety

Having variety and options for diabetes nutrition is important both for blood sugar management and for overall eating enjoyment. With its wide range of potential flavors, Cirkul provides a plethora of choices.

People with diabetes don’t have to get stuck drinking plain water all the time. Cirkul allows them to change up flavors throughout the day to prevent taste fatigue.

Potential Downsides of Cirkul for Diabetics

While Cirkul has many perks for people with diabetes, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

  • Artificial sweeteners: There are mixed opinions in the medical community about whether artificial sweeteners like sucralose negatively impact blood sugar or insulin levels (5). Some diabetics may wish to avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Inconsistent nutrition info: Cirkul doesn’t provide nutrition facts for its flavors. The vitamin content can vary, making carb counting difficult. This lack of transparency could be frustrating for some.
  • Not ideal for hydration needs: While beneficial for flavor, Cirkul may not provide enough electrolytes during activity, illness, or in hot weather when hydration needs increase. It’s not optimized as an athletic sports drink.
  • Cost: Buying flavor cartridges and new bottles can become expensive over time. The cost may deter some people with diabetes from relying on it completely.

Tips for Safely Using Cirkul with Diabetes

Here are some tips to make sure Cirkul fits safely into your diabetes nutrition plan:

1. Discuss with your doctor to ensure Cirkul won’t interfere with any health goals.

2. Monitor your blood sugar closely when first adding Cirkul to spot any effects.

3. Sip slowly and avoid guzzling large amounts that could affect blood sugar.

4. Rotate flavors frequently to limit taste fatigue.

5. Always have a regular water bottle on hand for times when you need plain hydration.

6. If using vitamin cartridges, account for that vitamin intake in your overall nutrition plan.

7. Stick to sugar-free flavor options and avoid adding any sugary enhancements.

Healthy Cirkul Flavor Combination Ideas

Here are some healthy Cirkul flavor ideas that provide variety without spiking blood sugar:

Berry Refresh: Raspberry essence, Antioxidant Blend, B12 cartridge

Citrus Lift: Lemon Lime essence, Vitamin C cartridge, Electrolyte cartridge

Peach Mint: Peach essence, Mint essence, Calm (chamomile) essence

Pomegranate Punch: Pomegranate essence, Dragonfruit essence, Acai essence

Cucumber Limeade: Cucumber essence, Lime essence, Calm essence

22 oz Cirkul Water Bottles with Two Cartridges (Fruits Rush and Mixture Berries)

Are There Better Choices Than Cirkul for Diabetics?

While Cirkul can be a good option, there may be even better choices to prioritize in a diabetes nutrition plan. Some alternatives to consider:

  • Plain water: Staying well hydrated with regular water is vital and the healthiest choice. Cirkul should not replace plain water consumption.
  • Unsweetened teas: Herbal teas provide flavor without sweeteners. Green tea has antioxidants. Black tea has very low carbs.
  • Seltzer/sparkling waters: These provide bubbly flavor without sugar or calories. Club soda, flavored seltzer, and mineral waters are excellent options.
  • Diluted juice: Instead of full-strength juice, dilute 100% fruit juice with water by half or more to cut down on concentrated carbs.
  • Sugar-free sports drinks: Drinks like Powerade Zero were designed for health conditions requiring tighter hydration control.

Are Cirkul Pods Keto and Diabetic Friendly?

For people with diabetes, the key things to evaluate are the carbohydrate content and impact on blood sugar levels.

Most Cirkul pods contain 1-2 grams of carbs per serving, primarily from dietary fibers and natural flavors. Some of the more specialty blends like Energy and Immunity provide 3-4 grams of carbs.

For comparison, a 12oz can of regular soda contains around 39 grams of added sugars. Diet soda has 0 grams.

So while Cirkul pods aren’t completely carb-free, the carb content is very low compared to other beverages.

In terms of blood sugar impact, both stevia and soluble/insoluble fibers have a low glycemic index and do not cause spikes in blood glucose levels (2, 3).

Experts consider stevia one of the most diabetic-friendly sweetener options due to its zero calorie and carb makeup. Fibers can also help slow digestion and prevent blood sugar spikes.

For these reasons, Cirkul pods are considered a keto-friendly and diabetic-friendly option for flavoring water. The carb and sugar content is negligible compared to other beverages.

Always check the nutrition label on each pod flavor to view the exact carb count. Berry and fruit flavors tend to be slightly higher than herbal options like cucumber mint.

Precautions When Using Cirkul with Diabetes

Cirkul can be a healthy hydration option for diabetics when used properly, but there are some precautions to be aware of:

  • Monitor carb counts. Be mindful of the 1-2g carbs from natural flavors and fibers, especially if following a very low carb meal plan.
  • Watch added ingredients. Avoid adding sugary fruits, juices or other carb-containing ingredients into your Cirkul water that could increase carb counts.
  • Beware vitamins and supplements. Check with your doctor before using Cirkul vitamin pods, as extra nutrients could interact with diabetes medications.
  • Consider flavors carefully. Opt for lower carb fruit flavors and avoid immunity blends with added honey or sugars. Also avoid swapping pods constantly to prevent flavor fatigue.
  • Don’t overdo flavors. Use limit flavor pod usage to 1-2 per liter of water maximum to prevent overdoing it on natural sugars.
  • Look for clinical studies. More research is still needed on natural sweeteners like stevia in diabetic populations. Look for credible clinical studies using specific Cirkul products.


Cirkul can be a suitable drink option for many people with diabetes due to its lack of sugar and variety of flavors. However, some limitations exist, such as its use of artificial sweeteners. Anyone with diabetes should discuss Cirkul with a doctor before regularly using it. Pay close attention to how it impacts individual blood sugar control.

Overall, Cirkul lets diabetics spice up their hydration without spiking blood sugars. But it shouldn’t fully replace healthier choices like water and unsweetened teas in a diabetes nutrition plan. As with all decisions for managing diabetes, let your healthcare team guide you towards the best personal beverage choices.

FAQs About Cirkul for Diabetics

Is it safe for diabetics to drink Cirkul?

For most diabetics, Cirkul is safe to drink in moderation. Since it’s sugar-free and carb-free, it won’t directly raise blood sugar levels. But those sensitive to artificial sweeteners may want to avoid it. It’s best to discuss with your doctor to address any individual health considerations.

Will Cirkul raise my blood sugar?

No, Cirkul will not directly raise blood sugar levels since it does not contain sugar or carbs. However, consuming very large amounts could potentially impact blood sugar indirectly by affecting hydration or nutrient absorption. Stick to moderate, measured portions to be safe.

Can diabetics drink Cirkul every day?

Having Cirkul daily is likely fine for most diabetics if consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet. Focus on getting primarily hydration from water and limit Cirkul to 1-2 bottles per day. Pay attention to how your individual blood sugar responds. Discuss a safe daily amount with your healthcare provider.

Are vitamin cartridges good for diabetics?

The vitamin cartridges can provide helpful nutrient boosts. However, it’s impossible to know the exact vitamin content. Diabetics have increased nutrient needs, so over-relying on Cirkul for daily vitamin needs is not recommended. Get nutrients primarily from a balanced diabetic diet instead.

Do Cirkul electrolytes help manage diabetes?

The electrolyte cartridges may provide modest hydration benefits. But for most diabetics, they won’t provide enough electrolyte replenishment during times of increased need, like illness. Getting sufficient electrolytes from your diet or a sports drink when sick is recommended over relying on Cirkul.

Can I use Cirkul if I take diabetes medication?

You can likely use Cirkul safely along with diabetes medication like insulin or metformin. However, check with your doctor, as Cirkul’s lack of concrete nutrition information makes it harder to perfectly time dosing. For best results, time your medications around meals with known carb counts.

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