Where Can You Buy Sparkling Ice Water? Buying Guide

Sparkling Ice water is a popular brand of naturally flavored sparkling water with zero calories and sugar. With its variety of fruity flavors and fizzy carbonation, Sparkling Ice offers a refreshing and healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks. But where exactly can you purchase Sparkling Ice products?

This article provides an overview of the major retailers and online stores offering Sparkling Ice, along with purchasing considerations, nutritional information, flavor options, and more to help you find where to buy it.

Where Can You Buy Sparkling Ice Water?
Where Can You Buy Sparkling Ice Water?

Major Retailers Selling Sparkling Ice

  • Grocery Stores – Sparkling Ice water is carried at most major grocery store chains across the US including Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Albertsons, Harris Teeter, etc. Usually found in the bottled/sparkling water section.
  • Walmart & Target – Available at affordable prices for in-store and online grocery pickup options. Often sold in multi-packs.
  • Warehouse Clubs – Offer bulk options for purchasing several cases at once. Sold at Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.
  • Convenience Stores – Found at many gas stations, 7-Elevens, Wawa, Circle K, and related convenience shops, often chilled and sold individually.
  • Drug Stores – Carried at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and similar chains. Typically sell smaller multi-packs.

Online Retailers Offering Sparkling Ice

  • Amazon – Extensive variety available for delivery through Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh. Subscribe & Save option offers discounts.
  • Boxed – Sells packs as addons to bulk wholesale grocery orders. Free shipping on orders $49+.
  • Instacart – Get Sparkling Ice delivered along with your grocery order from local stores via app/service.
  • Sparkling Ice Direct – Purchase directly from the brand’s website for bundles, custom cases etc.

✅ Available at most major retailers

✅ Added vitamins and antioxidants

✅ Zero sugar and calories

Comparing Sparkling Ice Retailers

RetailerPrice Per Bottle*SelectionConvenience
Grocery Stores$1-$3ExtensiveHigh
Mass Merchandisers$1-$2GoodHigh
Warehouse Clubs$0.50-$0.75 (multi-pack)LimitedLow
Convenience Stores$2-$3Very limitedHigh
Online$1-$3 plus shippingExtensiveMedium
Comparing Sparkling Ice Retailers

Things to Consider When Purchasing

Price – Prices vary widely based on retailer, multi-pack sizes etc. Shop sales and coupons when possible.

Shipping Fees – Factor cost into online orders. Retailers like Amazon often have free shipping thresholds.

Flavors – Not all flavors sold everywhere. Check product listings for availability of preferred tastes.

Intended Use – Single bottles for taking-along, multi-packs for home supply.

Sparkling Ice Flavor Options

Black RaspberrySweet black raspberry taste
Orange MangoBright citrusy orange and mango
Lemon LimeZesty lemon lime flavor
Strawberry CitrusSweet and tart strawberry lemonade
Peach NectarineJuicy peach and nectarine blend
Grape RaspberryFruity grape and raspberry
Pineapple CoconutTropical pineapple and coconut
Fuji Apple PearCrisp apples and pears
Pomegranate BlueberryPomegranate and blueberry pomegranate
Watermelon LimeadeSweet watermelon lime taste
Sparkling Ice Flavor Options

Nutritional Profile

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Sparkling Ice is its combination of fruit flavors and carbonation while containing:

  • 0 Calories
  • 0 Sugar
  • 0 Sodium
  • 0 Fat
  • 0 Carbs

With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Sparkling Ice offers an appealing beverage option for those monitoring sugar and caloric intake. The nutritional transparency allows easy tracking.

Pros and Cons of Sparkling Ice Water

✅ Zero sugar and zero calories❌ Contains artificial sweeteners
✅ A healthy alternative to soda❌ May not be suitable for people with certain health conditions
✅ Contains vitamins and antioxidants
✅ Wide variety of flavors to choose from
✅ Available in convenient sizes and formats
✅ Affordable
Pros and Cons of Sparkling Ice Water


With its zero-calorie formula, lack of sugar, and range of effervescent fruit flavors, Sparkling Ice provides an accessible and refreshing flavored sparkling water drink option. The brand has secured wide distribution across major grocery chains like Kroger and Walmart in addition to convenience stores, warehouse clubs, and online retailers like Amazon.

Carefully comparing prices and flavor availability at different locations allows shoppers to find the right Sparkling Ice purchasing option to suit their personal preferences, intended use cases, and budget. Taking advantage of multi-pack discounts can offer especially cost-effective ways to keep Sparkling Ice stocked affordably at home for favorite mocktail recipes or anytime bubbly hydration.


Where is the cheapest place to buy Sparkling Ice?

Bulk warehouse club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club tend to offer some of the best pricing when you purchase multi-pack cases of Sparkling Ice. Amazon also has very affordable listing prices for Subscribe & Save delivery of packs.

Does Target or Walmart sell Sparkling Ice?

Yes, both Target and Walmart sell Sparkling Ice both in-store and online. It is usually in stock at locations across the country at low everyday prices for the brand.

What stores sell individual Sparkling Ice bottles?

Convenience stores like Wawa, 7-Eleven, and Circle K will have chilled singles and smaller packs available. Kroger and other grocery chains also tend to sell singles at higher unit pricing.

Does Sparkling Ice need to be refrigerated?

Sparkling Ice is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration either before or after opening. However, chilling does enhance its refreshment factor.

Can you buy Sparkling Ice with food stamps?

Yes, as a non-alcoholic beverage without supplemental nutrition Sparkling Ice is generally eligible for purchase with SNAP/EBT benefit cards at most retailers.

Does Sparkling Ice go bad or expire?

Properly stored unopened cans of Sparkling Ice typically maintain quality for 9-12 months at room temperature or up to 2 years chilled. Check best-by dates on cases to determine freshness before purchasing.

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