Where is Ozarka Water Bottled?

Ozarka is one of the most popular regional bottled water brands in the United States. It has a long history dating back to 1905 when it was originally bottled in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

In this article, we will explore where Ozarka water is currently bottled, the journey the brand has taken over the past century, and some key facts about its spring sources and manufacturing facilities.

Where is Ozarka Water Bottled?
Where is Ozarka Water Bottled?

Current Ozarka Bottling Facilities

Today, Ozarka operates three bottling facilities which source water from independent springs in Texas and Arkansas:

  • Hawkins, Texas: Sources from the Trinity Aquifer
  • Eldorado, Arkansas: Sources from the Sparta Aquifer
  • Hot Springs, Arkansas: Sources from the Zuber Springs

Ozarka first expanded bottling capabilities outside of Arkansas in 1994 when parent company Nestlé Waters North America invested $27 million to open the Hawkins bottling plant. This aimed to meet the increasing consumer demand.

In 1998, Ozarka production capabilities doubled with the acquisition of Cyber Water Systems Inc. in Eldorado, expanding bottling from one site to three.

Key Facts on Ozarka’s Sources

Trinity Aquifer (Hawkins): An underground reservoir spanning across 55 counties in Texas with high quality spring water.

Sparta Aquifer (Eldorado): Provides 30 million gallons of water daily from over 70 springs. Known for great taste from natural filtration process through gravel and sand.

Zuber Springs (Hot Springs): Four springs collectively provide over 1 million gallons daily. Located in a national park known for thermal water sources.

Together these three plants and spring sources produce over 200,000 bottles every hour to meet demand.

Pros and Cons of Ozarka Water

Sourced from natural springsBottled water can be expensive
Naturally filteredTransportation and bottling have environmental impact
Crisp, clean taste
Good source of electrolytes and minerals
Available in a variety of sizes and flavors
Pros and Cons of Ozarka Water

The History and Journey of Ozarka Bottling Locations

Ozarka’s history spans over a century marked by many twists and turns in ownership and bottling locations:

1905: First bottled in Eureka Springs, AR by The Ozarka Company

1910s-1920s: Gains popularity, becomes one of America’s favorite spring waters

1940s: Operations halted during WWII then production resumes

1965: Branded bottles introduced nationally

1985: Operations move from Eureka Springs to Hot Springs, AR

1992: Nestlé Waters North America purchases Ozarka brand

Today: Three plants across AR and TX bottling over 200,000 bottles per hour

Over the past century, Ozarka has seen many changes but has continued success as one of the top five bottled water brands in America. With state-of-the-art facilities and protected spring sources, Nestlé will likely continue bottling millions of bottles of Ozarka for years to come.

Ozarka’s Three Bottling Facilities

LocationSpring Water SourceOutput
Hawkins, TexasTrinity AquiferUnknown share of 200,000 bottles/hour
Eldorado, ArkansasSparta AquiferUnknown share of 200,000 bottles/hour
Hot Springs, ArkansasZuber SpringsUnknown share of 200,000 bottles/hour
Ozarka’s Three Bottling Facilities


Ozarka bottled water is currently produced at three main plants sourcing water from independent springs across Texas and Arkansas. While the brand has over a century of history with ties back to Eureka Springs, acquisitions and facility expansions have allowed Ozarka to significantly scale production to meet consumer demand over the past three decades under ownership by Nestlé Waters North America.

With high output bottling facilities protected underground spring sources, Ozarka seems positioned to continue flourishing as a top regional water brand into the future. Though some localization and sustainability concerns have been raised by consumers over the years as large quantities of water are extracted for bottling and distribution across America.

FAQs on Ozarka Water

Where was Ozarka originally bottled?

Ozarka was originally bottled in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1905 by The Ozarka Company. It was one of America’s favorite spring waters for decades.

Where is Ozarka bottled now?

Today, Ozarka operates 3 bottling facilities in Hawkins, Texas; Eldorado, Arkansas; and Hot Springs, Arkansas after acquisitions and relocations over the past century under ownership by Nestlé.

What springs does Ozarka source from?

Ozarka sources water from the Trinity Aquifer (Hawkins), Sparta Aquifer (Eldorado), and Zuber Springs (Hot Springs). These aquifers and springs provide high volumes of refreshing spring water.

How much water do the springs produce?

The Sparta Aquifer provides 30 million gallons of water daily to the Eldorado plant. The four Zuber Springs provide over 1 million gallons daily to the Hot Springs plant.

Why did Ozarka switch locations over the years?

Acquisitions, facility expansions, damage from natural disasters, and ability to meet increasing consumer demand over the past century led Ozarka to move and expand bottling capabilities.

How much bottled water does Ozarka produce today?

With 3 plants in operation, Ozarka produces over 200,000 bottles per hour or 1.2 million bottles daily.

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